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Shisha is becoming the fastest growing trend among people of different age brackets all over the world. Different people have different reasons to try shisha in the first place but there is one reason that remains common for all – they try Shisha to know how it is different from smoking cigarette.

A shisha user has his own excuses as to why he is tempted to smoke shisha. It could be that they thought the water in pipe filter the toxins in the tobacco or they even thought that shisha flavours are a mix of fruit juices and sugar making it a healthier concept than smoking cigarette.

There are many such excuses or more appropriately Myths associated with shisha smoking. And before it is too late, the attention should be paid. And being the best shisha lounge London, we take the responsibility of letting you know the common myths and facts about shisha. And here they are:

MYTH 1: Smoking Herbal shisha is better than regular shisha

FACT: This is the most common conception among people. And they prefer having herbal shisha flavours rather than regular fruit flavours. But the fact is the natural or herbal shisha also exposes you to Tar and carcinogens.

MYTH 2: For bigger clouds, people add milk to the base:

FACT: We have seen many shisha users adding milk to their hookah bases in place of water in an attempt to get bigger clouds. But this is one thing we never recommend doing. From the health standpoint, adding milk to your base is really a bad idea. Milk froths up a lot when air runs through it. And when you don’t sterilize the hookah rings between each session, the milk in your base can cause bacterial growth and if inhaled it can also cause nasty respiratory or lung infection.

MYTH 3: Shisha Flavours are mostly molasses and doesn’t contain tobacco hence it is no harmful

FACT: The fruit flavours of Hookah are tended to mask the toxic presents in them. And most people are not aware of this. They use more flavours thinking that they are only inhaling a fruit flavour.

MYTH 4: Shisha smoke doesn’t burn the lungs, so it is healthy:

FACT: Just like regular tobacco, Shisha also contains nicotine. In fact, a 60-minute shisha session can expose smokers to 100 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette. Although the shisha smoke doesn’t burn the lungs because it is cooled because of the water in the base. But it doesn’t mean it has no carcinogens. It is still unhealthy.

MYTH 5: Water is an effective filter against carcinogens

FACT: The levels of carcinogens present in shisha smoke highly varies depending upon various factors such as duration of smoking, depth, length and frequency of inhalation. The water doesn’t filter the carcinogens. In fact, Aerosol, tar and other heavy metal particles are also present in Shisha smoke.

The market of shisha is proliferating. Every now and then, there is a shisha lounge opening in London to promote the shisha hype. Aladdins shisha lounge UK is one of them that take care of all the necessary precautions taken during shisha smoking and maintain a healthy shisha atmosphere. The young generation is curious to know what shisha is and excited to taste the new flavours of shisha. But they are might be misinformed or don’t know the harmful effects of shisha on body. So this article is just a help to them.


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