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Romance is that feeling that gets your heart fluttering like candlelight, flowers and chocolates. We adore it so much that we have a day dedicated to celebrating all the love in our lives. Yes, Valentine’s Day.

It is that time of the year when the air is all lovey and cupids are shooting their little arrows to people’s hearts directly. Valentine’s day which means romance, rose petals, scents and hearty balloons, would you like to do something special this year. What about if there are a hookah and romance in store for you on Valentine’s? Sounds great, isn’t it?

So where are you taking your lucky date? Well here are our top 5 spots for an evening full of romance and shisha.

A mountain that smokes:

Take your valentine to a beautiful mountain where you can enjoy a beautiful view and ultimate isolation. Here you can enjoy a peaceful evening while getting a little cosy with your partner. And probably you can throw some snowballs in between your smoky shisha sessions. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to really go with the mountain forest vibe. But just be sure not to burn down all the trees with your coals, okay?

A nice, cosy smoke:

Valentine’s is all about romance. So it’s time to really get comfortable with a fancy little spot. A cosy place full of pillows, romantic lighting and hookahs for two. Just consider some privacy. The long white curtains and romantic lighting out in the dark sky set all the mood no matter where you are. This type of setup is a perfect time to show you’re serious about this Valentine’s thing by smoking some of your favourite shisha flavours.

Beach Hookah:

Are you looking for an escape with your Valentine then bring her to a beautiful secluded beach. Also, be sure to bring your bed right on the beach for a more comfortable setting if you mind getting sandy. Nothing could beat the experience of having a bowl of your favourite shisha while the sun is setting in a tropical paradise.

Hookah with a view:

How about a beautiful romantic rooftop setting for just the two of you. Pick the best rooftop shisha lounge in London and arrange for your dreamy date night in advance for a memorable night. Also get in line her favourite course of a meal and enjoy the most romantic day of the year.

Traditional and comfortable:

You may have noticed that the ancient way of expressing love is the most romantic. This last spot is inspired by that traditional and lovely look only. So squeeze a little bit closer to your Valentine, snuggle up and enjoy the old-school decor and authentic environment of a perfect Valentine.

So here it is our top 5 spots for Valentine’s hookah date. Some of these would cost you more but your Valentine deserves the best for this day.


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