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Sitting in the bar on a Saturday night, puffing and fuming with friends from your shisha is a wonderful feeling. Have you ever wonder the curved bottle of magical flames you are holding where did it come from?

The shisha is a modification of the Hookah with its origin rooted deep in time. The water pipe you are holding was invented in the fifteenth century in Mughal India. The chief physician of Akbar The Great is credited to the invention of Hookah. You will be intrigued to know the great distances it has travelled. Originated in India first it travelled to the Eastern Persian Empire where the mechanism was further modified under the reign of the Safavid dynasty of Persia. It is because of the Persian modifications that we are gifted with the present-day design of the Hookah.


The english term Hookah was derived from the Hindustani term Huqqa which is still a very popular term in the Indian subcontinent. In present time Hookah has acquired many names like Shisha, Goza, Hubble Bubble, Narghile. After the arrival of bidi and cigarette shisha smoking declined considerably in the early eighteenth century.

The revival of shisha occurred in the late 1990s when it spread from West Asia, North Africa and Southeast Asia to several parts of Europe, Russia and North America. In the European countries, several shisha cafes came up where tea and coffee were served along with shishas of attractive designs and various flavours.


Shisha in the twenty-first century has become a statement of fashion for people. People started smoking together and discussing their social lives. This way shisha became a popular medium of socialisation. As a result, the tobacco industry has picked up its pace introducing new flavourings to water pipes such as fruit, chocolate and mint, making it an insanely popular form of tobacco consumption among the youngsters all over the globe. One of the main reasons supporting the popularity of Shisha is that it is considered safer than cigarette smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption.

Shisha in London has always kept its pace with the changing trends in the fun industry. Keeping in mind the fun-loving and partying nature of the London youth we have introduced the best and the latest hookah flavours.

You can visit our lounge to have a shisha night with your friends and can smoke out of a variety of new flavours under the colourful lightings amplifying your mood and introducing great feelings of ecstasy.


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