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From time to time, we often hear at many Shisha hangouts ”whoa, this shisha is awful”. And such comments makes us feel like not having shisha again as shisha are meant to be tasty and should offer a moment of relaxation.

But, hey every hookah is not bad. It depends upon what flavour you choose and how you make it. Selecting a shisha flavour, we know is not a lifelong commitment, but when you have so many options, your decision might get you a fantastic shisha experience or a moment that you never want to repeat.

So whether you are buying a hookah pipe or are sitting in a shisha lounge, you’ll need to be careful what flavour you are bringing along with it. From some sweet tastes to musty aromas, here are some tips to try the right shisha flavour for you.


Shisha flavours are going to be a lot of fun for you if you have a sweet tooth. There are many fruity flavours that offer sweetness. The sweet taste of such flavours is nice when you don’t like the bitter taste of beer and smoky taste of tobacco. From strawberry to melon, grapes to apple and even bubblegum or chocolate, there are so many options you’ll find at Aladdins the best shisha lounge in London.


There is no doubt that mint is the most popular shisha flavour around the globe. Fresh minty options are always there in almost every type of shisha. These fresh and minty flavours are always good if you are out on a date. Along with keeping your breaths fresh, these minty flavours are best to keep you alert all the time.


Do you love to experiment with your food? Are you an adventurous foodie? This means you can try more variety of shisha flavour available to entertain you with more adventure. If you are a more of an adventurous person, there are many shisha flavours that have tobacco and varied herbs including different fruits and honey also. You can even try mixing two or three flavours to create something that you like. For example, strawberry and cola, mint and chocolate or cherry and vanilla are some of the classic combinations of different flavours.

When there are many flavours to choose from, it’s worth trying some before sticking to a single flavour all the time. Consider your general food taste at first to decide which shisha flavour is most likely to become your favourite.


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