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For a fairly regular shisha lover, staying hydrated during the session must be a priority and to be straight who doesn’t like it. Although, the combination of hookah and drinks might bother you at some levels like what and how much you should drink? And to a surprise for all, Alcoholic beverages are not the only option. Here we brought some hints of trendy drinks to enjoy with your hookah. Give them a try and make your shisha sessions more interesting.

Note: The options given here are meant for consuming not for putting inside your Hookah.


Hookah and water are the best choice when it comes to having drinks with hookah. Water beats everything by miles. You can mix water with almost everything and we prefer lemon or cucumber for better taste. Drinking water is all about following the ground rules of a refreshing hookah session. It keeps you hydrated and refreshing all the time plus it doesn’t ruin your taste.


The combination of hookah and tea is growing expeditiously. Today it has become a tradition in the middle east and Arab countries. Black tea alone might not taste that good but take a few sips of black tea between your shisha session can purify your sense tastes and mind.


We are sure that you all enjoyed different alcoholic beverages with shisha at many shisha places in London. But here we suggest sticking to classics only- Beer or Wine. Undoubtedly, the sparkly bubbles of beer accompanied by tobacco make you feel good. But choose a beer with a lower volume of alcohol. If you are a wine lover then go for a dry wine when smoking a sweeter tobacco.


No matter whether you are a morning person or an owl, Coffee is always a choice to drink with hookah. Coffee is better for two reasons. First, It neutralizes the taste of tobacco and second, it never lets you feel tired. Coffee is the most obvious drink served in every high profile shisha lounges. It allows you to enjoy your session for longer and maybe you can think of starting it again.


This fruit juice and hookah combination doesn’t sound that intriguing as this is what people generally prefer while smoking. Fresh juice serves two purposes at the same time- it refreshes your mind and gives you energy as well. So have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and compliment your hookah session.


The combination of Hookah and milk might sound odd to many but drinking cold milk during the session is a nice change to your routine. Apart for being fresh, this drink will serve you as a quick snack. So no more rushing towards fridge during the session. One can try mixing cocoa powder in your drink for a sweet refreshment.

At last, drink whatever rocks your boat but please prefer drinking. Do remember, your drink must accompany your tobacco. So when having a sweet tobacco you can have the opposite drink. Aladdins is one of the best shisha lounges of london that serves a variety of beverages to enjoy with a hookah.


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