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With the cold, bleak and blowy surroundings outside, we are all ready to welcome crispy winters. While most people prefer to stay in homes after work, some shisha lovers want to enjoy the heat in the cold weather. Although, there are several challenges when you sit for a winter hookah session, but few tips can lead you to a great shisha session with your friends.

In this article, we are solely talking about what you should and should not be doing with your hookah gear in order to survive these colder days. So let’s begin our learning:

SAY NO TO CRACKS: Most of the hookahs come with a glass base. And when you rinse your glass base after a long hookah session, the glass may be warm but the water from your tap is colder. Because of this temperature gap, accidents happen that leads to the cracks in glass base. To prevent these accidental mistakes, you should always let the water warm up a little before you start your rinse. The same thing applies to your clay bowls.

SAVE YOURSELF FROM BURNING CHARCOALS: In cold weather, we keep hovering around the burner to keep ourselves warm. But certainly, a burner is not a thing to hang around. Since when the coals are in their initial lighting stage, produces an irritating smell that is not good for your respiratory system. Hence obviously an irritating breath is not a good sign to start a hookah session.

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CHARCOAL AIRTIGHT: To extend the life of your charcoals, do not place them near water in cold weather like in a sink. Always store them in an airtight container. We know the hurdle of lighting up a moist charcoal, that’s the reason we include this point here. We also recommend you to heat the charcoal in the oven at 250-300 degree and then place it in its designated container. Make sure you also clean the container with a dry cloth.

MAKE USE OF A HEAT TRAPPER: If most of your hookah session happens in the cold weather, then make sure you have a wind cover in your heat management itinerary. These wind covers are useful all over the year but during winters use of these wind, shells become mandatory.

These windshields prevent unwanted airflow from affecting your heat output. We at Aladdins shisha lounge in London, keep all these tips in mind to offer you a great shisha session during the chills. Winters can be really hard in London but an evening with hookah at our rooftop lounge is all you need to warm yourself up.


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