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Going to a shisha lounge is a perfect way to relax and unite people for a corporate party, a birthday party, a stag party or even for casual dine-outs. A shisha bar is a good place to bring corporate friends together in an informal atmosphere. And the best part about hookah is that it is a pleasant treat for all those who are working the whole day and looking for some relaxation in the evening.

Unlike other restaurants or cafes, In a hookah bar, you will find a comfortable sitting arrangement where you can clear your mind, relieve stress and remove fatigue. Smoking hookah helps in full relaxation of the body and gives you a positive mood.

There are 3 occasions for which a shisha lounge seems a far better place to organize a celebration. And Aladdins rooftop shisha lounge explains what they are:


If the responsibility of throwing the best Bachelorette Party is on your shoulders than you look for all the ways you can leverage to make it really fun and special for your beloved friend. Since drinking is sure to be involved, hoping to a bar or club a must do a thing on a bachelor party for many people. But, why not bring a twist to this year’s long tradition and take your entire group to a hookah lounge? This will be a great experience for the guest-of-honour which is totally different from the usual bar nights. A shisha lounge brings an opportunity to have fun in an elegant environment where you can actually talk and enjoy each other’s company unlike the loud volumes of bars and clubs.


A night at a hookah lounge is unique and not too expensive fun to have for your friend on birthday. It is an experience that might be something they have never done before. Order some food and drink for the birthday girl or boy treat them with a deliciously flavoured hookah of their choice.


Frankly speaking, a date night can’t get any better than enjoying a shisha with your partner. You can dress up for your date and wine & dine with delicious food, cocktails and hookah with a wide variety of flavours. A shisha lounge is a perfect place with a perfect ambience and perfect gathering.

No matter what the occasion is, A shisha lounge is always the best place to organize your gatherings. So next time when you plan for something unique, special and fun for your evening, make sure you have a hookah bar in your preferences.


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