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The popularity for hookah has seen an explosion in recent years. For a hangout with office colleagues, a fun get-together with friends or for Hen and Stag parties, no matter what the occasion is, these shisha lounges are becoming the primary choice of party venue among millennials.

Gone are the days when one can hardly find one or two good shisha lounges in the town, as today they are on every corner of the street in the form of both indoor space and a rooftop shisha lounge. But not everyone who smokes shisha knows all the ways of doing it right. Hence here are some golden tips that we’ve collected and followed for a delightful hookah session.

The longer the session is, the more relaxing the experience will be. But it needs to be done in the right way. For that you have to follow below-mentioned tips, so let’s have a look.

Don’t let the coal touch the tobacco while smoking: Do you know the “peak of your shisha flavour taste” comes about five to ten minutes after the beginning of the session. But if the coal touches your tobacco flavour then the taste will no longer be pure. Also, you will have a burning flavour each time you smoke since the top of your shisha flavour is burning. To save your flavour from burning, place your charcoals around the edges of your bowl and do not place it on center.

The deeper the bowl is, the better the session will be: If your bowl is deep, you can pack enough tobacco into it. This also means that there is also enough room for air buffer in between your coal and shisha flavour. So no more burning of your flavour and a long relaxing session of hookah.

Set and drill aluminium foil properly: When you prepare for a great hookah session, make sure that the shiny side of your hookah foil is facing down so that the foil will get enough heat from charcoal. After packing the bowl with enough flavour, cover it with a square of aluminium foil. Wrap it over the top so that surface is tight. Use a needle or some other sharp thing to make tiny holes in the foil.

Leave the tobacco for 20-30 minutes before packing it into the bowl: This process is also called acclimatization. In this process, the tobacco is unpacked and spread out on a piece of paper before packing it into the shisha bowl. The tobacco is opened to sit there in the environment’s air for some time so that the tobacco gets a stronger flavour and its substance balances out with the room temperature.

Clean the hookah frequently: We cleaning the parts of hookah is a headache and is certainly not one of your favourite things to do with hookah but it really pays off well. It becomes even more necessary when strong flavours like mint or citrus were used or the burn effect occurred. Clean the glass and bowl of your hookah and take a long and narrow brush to clean the pipe itself. The hose needs to be washed as well. And if your filter ball is made out of metal then make sure water doesn’t get into it.

Well, the list is almost endless, but the points mentioned above are enough for now. Visit a nearby shisha lounge in London and experience the most wonderful and relaxing shisha of all the time.


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