Shisha etiquettes: What not to do with Hookah when in group

Does your group outing includes a Shisha? Do you know all the right etiquettes of enjoying Hookah in a group? Yes, having shisha also has its own set of rules. Consuming Hookah, as the world knows is a privilege and a civilised pastime. Having fun, relaxing with your peers and enjoying a good hookah session is what it’s all about. It is a five-centuries-old tradition that holds some etiquettes within. But with the exposure of Shisha to newer generations, some of its historical customs left behind and forgotten. Here is a list of some shisha etiquettes, that every hookah lover should consider. Let’s have a look:

Shisha etiquette 1:

Don’t light a cigarette with your Shisha charcoal. In many parts of the world, people consider it rude. So if you do so, you will be considered ill-mannered. Hence avoid this practice at all costs.

Shisha etiquette 2:

When you are in a shisha lounge or anywhere else, don’t leave your shisha hose on the table or the chair when done with smoking. Instead, wrap it around the stem to protect the hose from any possible damage. This is also an indication that you are done with your smoking session.

Shisha etiquette 3:

Don’t blow the shisha smoke in the faces of others. Avoid this shisha practice as no one likes to be treated as your smoke drum.

Shisha etiquette 4:

In some parts of the world, passing the shisha hose to the person sitting in front of you is considered ill-mannered. The shisha hose should be formally rotated in the clockwise direction.

Shisha etiquette 5:

Never point your hose directly to someone. If you are passing it to someone, turn the mouth tip away from the person you are passing it to.

Shisha etiquette 6:

If you are having a multi-hose hookah, first let other people finish puffing the smoke before taking your turn. Also, blowing into the hose in order to push smoke up through your friend’s hose and to his face is considered disrespectful when you are in a public gathering.

Shisha etiquette 7:

Always promote good hygiene and use mouth tip. When you are ill, don’t prefer to smoke hookah in a group.

Shisha etiquette 8:

Don’t be selfish and don’t bogart. Every person in the group is given 2-3 minutes per turn to puff and pass. So don’t be the guy that spend 5-10 minutes trying to make perfect smoke rings while sitting in a group. Practice your smoking skills when alone. Let your friends and guests have a turn too.

Lastly, place the hookah on the floor, not on any alter. It originated from the idea that hookahs are objects of service hence putting it in on a table or on some glorifying pedestal is considered to be bad news. Most of the Shisha lounges in London adhere to the customs but they cannot follow them every time. So don’t ruin the experience of others. Follow these basic shisha etiquettes and enjoy the hookah culture in all its wealth.