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For a fairly regular shisha lover, staying hydrated during the session must be a priority and to be straight who doesn’t like it. Although, the combination of hookah and drinks might bother you at some levels like what and how much you should drink? And to a surprise for all, Alcoholic beverages are not the only option. Here we brought some hints of trendy drinks to enjoy with your hookah. Give them a try and make your shisha sessions more interesting.
From time to time, we often hear at many Shisha hangouts ”whoa, this shisha is awful”. And such comments makes us feel like not having shisha again as shisha are meant to be tasty and should offer a moment of relaxation. But, hey every hookah is not bad. It depends upon what flavour you choose and how you make it.

Does your group outing includes a Shisha? Do you know all the right etiquettes of enjoying Hookah in a group? Yes, having shisha also has its own set of rules. Consuming Hookah, as the world knows is a privilege and a civilised pastime. Having fun,...

Planning a perfect first date is a delicate procedure that must be handled with care. While an action-packed date sounds fun, it doesn’t provide much room for the couple to know each other. On the other hand, going out on dinner can be an intense option, but it might create an awkward situation if it doesn’t go well. So you need to find a perfect balance, an environment that is both comfortable yet intense. And the exact thing you will get when you choose a shisha places in London for your first date.