4 tips to add more air flow in your hookah sessions

Smoking shisha is for relaxation, but then why one start feeling shabby after an hour-long session of having hookah? It might be because you opt for a wrong flavour or sometimes it is the hookah setting that makes it difficult to sit for long. Many shisha lounges in London have professional teams with them who are experts in making a good hookah session and present you with a good time. They know every do’s and don’ts and take good care of your relaxation time. This post is a brief of Aladdins expertise covering a small but necessary part of a good hookah session.

Here we’ll see some helpful tips to add more air flow in a hookah session.

Poke some holes:

Holes on the hookah foil are like the driver seat of the airflow. SO it needs to be done with proper care. The concept of hole punching on the hookah foil is very easy. Always remember too few holes will make your bowl hotter than usual since it restricts the air from passing through the shisha. While too many holes make it difficult for your bowl to properly heat up. So place a large amount of evenly placed holes to get a less restricted inhale without the harsh temperature and throat burn.

Change your hose:

The hose that is already attached with your hookah may not be the best for your session. Sometimes the harsh particles of your hookah session remain in the hose and cause irritation to your session. So always swap your hose before starting a new hookah session.

Don’t add too much water in the base:

What liquid flavour you use in your hookah base is the key to a good hookah session and water is the best liquid to get the purest form of flavour. The size of hookah doesn’t matter here and it is always recommended to add the water 1-2” above the bottom end. Too little water in the base will make you inhale the dry and hot air with minimal vibration. And too much water makes it hard for air to pass through the water and make you work harder to draw your favourite flavours.

Don’t overstuff the flavour in a bowl:

Pressing the shisha flavour down too hard in your hookah bowl will make it really hard for any air to pass through. The best way to add shisha in a bowl is by sprinkling it whenever you are whipping up a bowl.

So these are the small but important consideration to take care in your lounge to make a perfect hookah session for your guests. Being a lounge owner it’s you who can make them feel to revisit again.