3 things to make a great shisha flavour

The world of shisha is mysterious with so many facts, myths and secrets of experts. But there is one thing that always picks up the interest is the range of shisha flavours. In the vast range of shisha flavours, every day a new flavour comes into the market and disappears that quickly. So what makes a flavour truly great among a ton of good flavours out there? Are there any discerning features that make a flavour go above and beyond? Well, yes there are some key features that separate a great flavour from the good ones and make it the one that everyone wants to try. Aladdins shisha lounge London has explained these key features for the benefits of all and here is a brief of them. So let’s talk about it.

Mixing of Flavours:

While it is important for a flavour to be mixed with other flavours, it is also needed for a flavour to be able to be enjoyed on its own. A great flavour doesn’t mean a single thing if it is not enjoyed on its own.  Let’s take an example of any mint flavour. Mint is something that can be mixed with any flavour to a limitless extent and on the other hand, it is a flavour that can be enjoyed on its own. This mixing quality of mint makes it a great flavour.

Performance of a flavour:

Performance is something that is very important when talking about a great flavour. However we agree that not everyone is a longevity shisha smoker, but a flavour must be able to last for a long time. Since everyone’s definition for a long time can be different, according to us a shisha flavour must be able to go for an hour and a half without any issues.  It’s the quality of a great shisha flavour that it appeals to everyone and there is no denying to the fact that performance smokers form a large portion of shisha smokers out there.

The consistency of flavour:

Something that is extremely important for a flavour is its consistency. No matter what amount you use of a flavour, you should be able to get the flavour. And the flavour has to be the same every time.

Overall, a great shisha flavour is the one that has a combination of all. One doesn’t have to like a flavour for it to be great. It is important to recognize those flavours for what they are and for what they’ve done to shisha smokers for years.